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Easy To Set Up

Our headsets are easy to set up and you can be viewing your favourite 360 degree videos within minutes of opening the box.

Works with the free Google Cardboard app

Our headsets works perfectly with the Google Cardboard app and hundreds of other free apps available from your app store.

Fits phones up to 6″

Our headsets fit smartphones up to 6" which is almost every handset on the market.
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Cardboard Explorer 2.0

The Cardboard Explorer 2.0 is based on the new google cardboard design.

Its major upgrade is the conductive foam button which acts as a ‘click’ when pressed. Also new with the 2.0 is a protective case, 2 x 45mm in-built lenses, and a new fold-out design which means there is no assembly required!

And there is free shipping anywhere in NZ (except PO boxes)

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What people think of Cardboard Explorer

I am a huge fan of the Cardboard Explorer. It works really well with the Google Cardboard app and creates awesome immersive worlds.

Possibly the best $20 I have ever spent.

John Cardboard explorer testimonial
About Cardboard Explorer

About Cardboard Explorer

We are a New Zealand based business which sells virtual reality headsets for use with smartphones. The technology allowing us to do this was developed by two Google employees, they called it Google Cardboard. Their virtual reality platform allows you to use your smartphone to experience virtual reality at a fraction of the cost of other VR products available.

To experience this for yourself all you need is a cardboard headset and a smartphone capable of playing 360 videos. A great way to start out is by downloading the google cardboard app. There are many other ways to use your headset to experience virtual reality, you can now watch your favourite artists in concert or even go on an African safari. You can also ride roller coasters, race cars and kill zombies!

Here are a few links to get you started:

To download the google cardboard app and get an intro into the world of virtual reality visit here:

To visit youtube and view the 360 video channel visit here

To get a headset click here


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